Project Description

Kitchen – Llanerchaeron, Screen printed enamel and steel wire, 2022

This piece developed from drawings I made in the kitchen, laundry and tack room at Llanerchaeron, a National Trust property in Ciliau Aeron, Ceredigion.

Whilst drawing the jugs and clogs I was also researching the history of Aberaeron and discovered that in 1830 crafts were an important part of village life. At that time, there was a woollen manufacturer, baker, bootmaker, corn miller, blacksmith and shovel maker, shipwright, carpenter and hat maker. I made the pieces on the shelf first, and enjoyed being able to incorporate the funnel in the bread bowl, and the spoon in the jug. They have been screen printed with imagery such as the cobblestones in the courtyard, a butter pat, a recipe for scarlet dye, willow pattern. The wire shirts come from the laundry, the same shirt drawn at different angles. The chair comes from the servant’s bedroom on which I put a jug of honesty from the garden, along with a bunch of cotton lavender.